10-Year-GuaranteeBecoming Increasingly Popular In The UK

Triple Glazing is well established in many parts of Europe and is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Higman Windows are pleased to announce that we can now offer the opportunity for you to have the choice of Triple Glazing or Double Glazing when replacing your existing windows or doors.

40% More Thermally Efficient

Triple Glazed units are up to 40% more thermally efficient than double glazed units, a window fitted withTriple Glazed units exceeds the current ‘A’ rated window energy rating. Triple Glazed units will not overheat your home. The level of solar gain is actually less than double glazed units due to the extra pane of glass and the additional cavity. However, the overall energy balance of a Triple Glazed window will ensure that more heat is retained in the room in colder months of the year.

Higher Security

The benefits don’t stop there with Triple Glazing, by using the extra pane of glass you get the added benefit of improved sound insulation over standard double glazing and incorporating a toughened pane of glass inside the sealed unit greatly improves overall security of the window. If you have had uPVC double glazed windows and doors installed by us, you can now upgrade to Triple Glazing without the need for total window replacement.

(Please note because of the extra weight in Triple Glazed units, size restrictions do apply)